Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Mike Rogers (MI-08) won reelection on November 7th, 2006 in his closest race since being narrowly elected in 2000.

He got lucky.

Mike's luck has run out, and the people are ready to make sure these next two years are his last in Congress.

This is where the change begins.

(Mr. Rogers poses before a 'cavity search' in Brighton)

The Offender

We wish our Mr. Rogers wore a yellow sweater, spoke kindly and always practiced the Golden Rule.

But he doesn't.

Our Mr. Rogers carries a big stick, discriminates against his very constituents, and preaches hate and war.

We want a change.

The People
Combining the talents of the Fighting 8th's finest writers and politicos, the people of The Neighborhood are coming together, and will hold Mike accountable for all of his failures to his district. We deserve better.

Less than 2 years till Mike's out and our representative, the People's representative, starts working for us.

Will you join the fight?


mark said...

Rogers is a dangerous cat.
He smiles, but speaks with a forked tongue.
Typical Republican. I'm glad people are finally wising up to GOP big winded rhetoric and outright lies.
Two years from now, let's vote him out.

Reputo said...

The best thing that happened is when I moved into the 15th district. However being so close to the eight and being part of the fight against SB 306 (The Evil Rogers Bill that prevents college kids and seniors from voting) there is nothing that would make me happier than to see this neo-con jerk go down.

Jim Catran / Brighton said...

Good luck unseating Rogers.
People in this district are blind to everything that goes on. They would vote for Adolf Hitler if he ran as a Republican.