Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Rogers loves him some Amway/DeVos

I was poking around on Mr. Rogers' website today, when I found this link to his Congressional Record Statements. These two jumped out at me:


Here's the text of that first statement:

Mr . ROGERS of Michigan . Mr. Speaker, I rise today to congratulate Alticor Incorporated, on being honored with the 2005 Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award. This is an honor bestowed to employers who have gone above and beyond in supporting their National Guard and Reserve employees.

Alticor's communication with its military employees when in action, covering pay differential during deployments and their Military Leave Program are just a few of the many ways the company has demonstrated support for the Guard and Reserves. Alticor has also donated numerous products which have been distributed to deployed units worldwide.

I commend Alticor's contribution to military families. Therefore, Mr. Speaker, I respectfully ask my colleagues to join me in paying tribute to Alticor Incorporated, for being honored with the 2005 Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award.

And here's the text of the second statement:

Mr . ROGERS of Michigan . Mr. Speaker, I rise to honor the accomplishments of Richard DeVos, a Michigan citizen who exemplifies the American spirit of entrepreneurship and community leadership.

As Richard DeVos celebrates his 80th birthday, we reflect on his many achievements as the co-founder of Amway Corp.
with his lifelong friend and business partner, the late Jay Van Andel, as well as his many selfless contributions to his state, community, and fellow citizens.

The author of three books, ``Believe!,'' ``Compassionate Capitalism,'' and ``Hope From My Heart: Ten Lessons for Life,'' Richard also is a public speaker with an international following. After receiving a heart transplant in 1997, he took on the additional responsibility of serving as chairman for the Speakers Bureau for United Network for Organ Sharing.

Richard has owned several professional sports franchises, including the Orlando Magic of the National Basketball Association.

Richard and his wife, Helen, support many hospitals, colleges and universities, arts organizations and Christian causes in their hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and also numerous organizations in their adopted community in Central Florida.A veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Richard and his wife Helen have raised four children and have 16 grandchildren.

Mr. Speaker, I ask my colleagues to join me in honoring Richard DeVos as, on his 80th birthday, we acknowledge his life-long vision, compassion, and commitment to the American people and his home state of Michigan. Richard DeVos is truly deserving of our respect and admiration.

There's really nothing earth-shattering here, but after Gov. Granholm's recent gubernatorial campaign against former Amway CEO Dick DeVos (where mountains of dirt were dredged up about good-ol Amway), it's interesting to learn that Mike Rogers took the time out of his busy schedule in Washington (he's missed votes at least a few times -- ex: 1, 2, 3, 4) to congratulate Richard DeVos and Alticor on the floor of the US House of Representatives. Furthermore, it's an interesting little coincidence that Mike Rogers has received campaign contributions from seven members of the DeVos family during his career, including... Richard DeVos himself.

I suppose none of this is really surprising, since the DeVos family is one of the biggest contributors to the republican party, but it does make you wonder -- who does Mike Rogers really work for? I sure wish Mike Rogers would enter a happy birthday message to me into the Congressional record.

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