Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Do you know Mr. Rogers?

The best voters are educated voters...or so the saying goes.

Do you know Mike Rogers? Or have you just seen his Campaign Ads and read the material that's been sent to your house?

Mr. Rogers isn't the most friendly of guys. In fact, his Congressional ranking by various interest groups has been less than favorable.

On a scale where 0 is the least favorable rating and 100 is the most favorable here's how Mr. Rogers has been ranked (2005-2006)....

Republicans for Environmental Protection - 8
(Arizona Congressman John McCain(R) - 68)

U.S. Public Interest Research Group - 5
(Michigan Congressman Vern Ehlers (R) -45)

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America - C
(Where A+ is the highest and F is the lowest)
(Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow (D) received a A-)

Mr. Rogers - not the most friendliest of neighbors.


mark said...

Too bad the Democrats didn't spend any money on Marcenkowski's campaign.
He would have easily beat old buddy boy Mike.

Quaker21 said...

Don't forget:

Human Rights Campaign: 0
(For the 109th, 108th, AND 107th Congress)


ACLU: Lifetime score of 7.