Monday, December 11, 2006

The People of The Neighborhood

What's so special about Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood?

We're an incredible part of Michigan who has the misfortune to be represented by a man who supports those interests which work against us, whether it be in our jobs, our health care, our own civil rights, and our sons and daughters serving the country. Even more disgraceful, he gets paid a whopping $165,200 a year to do so.

Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood looks much like your neighborhood. We are people from all over the 8th District, from Oakland County to Shiawassee County, to Lansing to Howell, and everywhere in between.

We are men and women, from the newly employed to the retired.

We're military veterans, homemakers, blue-collar workers, college kids, policy wonks, and everything else.

We want the same things you want, to have our government work for us the way it should - for the people and by the people.

We don't all agree on the same issues, but we do agree that no matter where we stand, Mike Rogers stands against us.