Sunday, December 24, 2006

Newspaper has great things planned for Rogers

To show you the kind of conservative media bias we have to overcome here in Livingston County to unseat Mike Rogers, take a gander at a Sunday opinion column by Buddy Moorehouse, the metro editor of the Livingston County Daily Press & Argus.

Now, Moorehouse has been with the newspaper since the early 1980’s, except for a brief period he left to run for political office in 2002. He is a part-time comedian, magician and apparently a politician. As such, his columns are generally funny and entertaining. This commentary is not a knock at Moorehouse, but it’s simply pointing out a fact.

In 2002 he made a run at the state House for an open seat that was just created because of redistricting. He was one of about six conservative Republicans making a bid for the 47th District seat, and he came in third place for the seat in his first attempt at public office. Surprisingly, Joe Hune won by just two votes to beat some well-known people in the county.

At the time, Moorehouse had to resign as managing editor of the newspaper to make his run, and the management publicly said he would never work there again. Maybe they had their fingers crossed when they said it.

But back to Sunday’s column. The column is called “Sending out wishes of holiday joy,” and in it Moorehouse sends out holiday greetings and good wishes to everyone from his family to our newly elected judges. Nothing wrong with that. However, with the budget crisis facing the governor, it would have been nice for him to send out a greeting and good wishes to her. She could use all the help she can get.

He did have a greeting for his fellow Republican, U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers.

“Rep. Mike Rogers, our congressman, who is destined for something much, much bigger. Mark my words.”

To me, U.S. Congress is very, very big. Maybe he can enlighten us on what bigger things the newspaper has planned for Mr. Rogers. This newspaper, with the largest circulation of any newspaper in Livingston County, has had a far too cozy relationship with Rogers since he began his political career. Is it any wonder why Jim Marcinkowski did not get the endorsement of this newspaper?

This is why we have blogs like this.


Anonymous said...

Hi Buddy,

I wonder what bigger and better things Mike is going to do. Since he hasn't done much except raise money and promote Mike anything he does will be bigger and better.

Communications guru said...

I’m predicting the open governor’s seat in four years will be his target. The newspaper has been his ally since he came on the political scene in the mid-90s, and they don’t ask him many tough questions.

LiberalLucy said...

The Livingston P&A is one paper out of many. Not too mention it sounds like that the author of that column could have a lot personally invested in Rogers' going places...

Hank Dagny said...

You liberals have a screw loose. Newspapers and the media are all liberal. How can you have a 90 - 10 monopoly and whine like you do shows what kind of sickees you are.

And Lucy, you know unions were started by communists to overthrow capitalism don't you? That is what you stand for - which is as unAmerican as you can be.

Grow up and try to learn something or admit you are communists.

Communications guru said...

Wow, here’s a wingnut I have not heard from in a while. Was it lonely under that rock? Funny, you telling someone else they have a screw loose after some of your incoherent rants. Newspapers and media are not liberal, and as I have told you time and time again, that’s political smear campaign begun by the Nixon crooks.

Labor unions were created to protect workers from being killed and maimed on the job – which was routine – and to give them some measure of fairness and a decent wage where they could actually survive on. They created the middle class, and it’s not a coincidence there is an assault on both today. There is nothing more American and patriotic than labor unions.

Nik Faldo said...

Hank's right. The main stream press and media have admitted it in some cases.
Liberals don't think they are liberal - they think they are right - excuse me - correct. Of course they are not - as liberalism (socialism) is not what built the United States. Capitalism did.
A Union sponsored 4th of July picnic makes as much sense as a pig celebrating the invention of the BBQ.
Unions were started by communists - with the expressed purpose of overthrowing the capitalist system of the United States. Look it up.
As for the middle-class, there go you liberals putting people into groups and 'classes' again.
Liberals need groups - groups of victims so they can be the dictators - excuse me - heroes to come along and save everyone.
If you read the Constitution, it speaks of 'individuals' and 'individual rights'.
Some Communications Guru. You should read more and talk less. You might learn something. Naw, you are a liberal so your mind is closed.

Republican Michigander said...

Hank (Reardon) Dagny (Taggart)...Ah Atlas Shrugged. Great book. I highly recommend it.

Communications guru said...

Perhaps you should just stick to what you know, gambling, because this rant of yours has not even one sentence that’s true or even comes close to reality. The simple fact was before patriotic Americans joined labor unions and overcame beatings, possible death and intimidation to do so there were only the rich barons and the poor working class. You should visit the Michigan Historical Museum in Lansing and watch the film as see the bloody shirt and other artifacts from the historic and landmark 1936 Flint sit-down strike. It’s free other than parking. I just find it hard someone from Michigan can spew crap about Communism and labor unions. How dare they want decent wages and safe working conditions, those Communists.

Anonymous said...