Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Rogers on the Iraq Study Group

From the LSJ:

U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers hopes the Iraq study group’s recommendation for a gradual withdrawal from Iraq will serve as a catalyst to unify the U.S. on the issue.

“That’s one of the things that has been hurting us overseas,”
the Republican congressman from Brighton said today.

Rogers said he hadn’t had time to read the entire 200-page report but had looked at the executive summary. He applauded the recommendation to begin dialogues with Iran and Syria, and said a gradual pullout made sense.

“An immediate withdrawal would absolutely cause chaos in the entire region,” he said.

Mike thinks our country's disunity on the Iraq war has "been hurting us oversees," yet he's been feeding into that same atmosphere of disunity from the get-go.

Hey Mr. Rogers, do you remember this?

But Rogers hasn't been completely above the political fray — in June on the floor of the House, he said that politicians calling for a withdrawal from Iraq share an agenda with the terrorist insurgents there. He said his comments were in reaction to statements by Democratic lawmakers, which Rogers characterized as "defeatism."

So, the 57% of the American public that wants a date for withdrawal from Iraq share an agenda with the terrorist insurgents? We're defeatists? Gee, that kind of talk doesn't sound like something you would expect to hear from a high-minded congressman like Mike Rogers. If our lack of unity on the war is hurting us overseas, as Mr. Rogers says, then isn't he at least partially to blame for fostering this climate of disunity?

But hey, like Mike says, you win some, you lose some:

"Like any armed conflict, some things go your way, and some don't."

Things haven't been going our way for a long time, Mike -- Michigan lost another soldier in Iraq this week, which makes him the 112th member of the armed forces with Michigan ties to lose their life in Iraq.

Mr. Rogers, if the president enacts every single proposal from the Iraq Study Group, when can we expect things to start going our way? Will you hold him accountable, sir?


mark said...

Unfortunately, Mike is not very bright and doesn't have any answers. But he likes to stir the pot and gain publicity by finger pointing and trash talking.
Does he have any redeeming qualities? Not really, but he did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night!

Quaker21 said...

Great diary, boyo. Rogers really needs to take a stance on Iraq that is in line with the people in the 8th.

Constantly waffling on the issues and playing politics with peoples' lives: that's the Mike Rogers way.