Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Press begins to take notice of newest political blog

Despite the blog being up only a few days, more than 50 people a day are visiting the blog. The hits are not only from all over the 8th District but from all over the county, such as Washington, D.C, Los Angles and Chicago.

We have already gained some notice. In the Livingston County Daily Press & Argus a three-paragraph brief appeared today announcing our presence. I also expect to see a story coming soon from the P & A featuring the person who started the blog, Liberal Lucy from Liberal, Loud and Proud.

The newspaper’s political reporter, Dan Meisler, has a track record of writing interesting stories on trends and how changes in getting a candidate’s message out are changing political campaigns. He wrote some stories on how some local blogs changed the way campaigns were conducted in the last election cycle. I look forward to reading the story when it is published.

We also look forward to input from readers and our fellow progressive bloggers in the form of comments, and if you see something we may have missed on Mr. Rogers please feel free to bring it to our attention.


Pohlitics said...

Cool beans. Glad to have you on board, Guru.

BigShot said...

It is very sad when you have a great congressman like Mike Rogers, and then you have people like you bashing every single thing he does/says. Outrageous. I know that Republicans are not perfect by any means, (we are not God), but there are far less blogs/websites that are bashing Democrates.

Communications guru said...

Thanks for the welcome aboard. I’m honored to be here.

Welcome to the blog, Bigshot, and thanks for finding your way over to the blog. I see no one bashing Mike Rogers. What I see is simply a group f of dedicated progressive bloggers shining a bright light on his actions, votes and public statements. Government works better when it’s conducted in the bright sunlight, and that’s what this blog is doing.

If he can’t stand the light maybe he should find a new profession.

Mark said...

Contrary to popular opinion, Mike Rogers doesn't always do what President Bush says.
A few weeks ago, the President ordered Mike to jump.
"How high, Mr. President?"
"6 feet," answered Bush.
"I wont do it," answered Rogers! "I might be able to jump 5 feet, but 6 feet is out of the question."

mark said...

Of particular amusement is Rogers' claim that he disagrees with Bush's Iraq policy.
As soon as we believe that hoakey claim, then we can all fly to Fantasyland for vacation.

Oriondem said...

I can't find it in the Daily Press and Argus web site. Is it still there was was it pulled?