Monday, July 9, 2007

The Write Stuff

Rogers spokeswoman Sylvia Warner, as part of her ongoing (and successful) effort to avoid actually speaking to journalists, felt it best to email her [one-word?] answer to the The Buzz column in yesterday's Press & Argus.

After noting the rather large number of Rogerites decked out with Romney stickers and signs at Brighton's 4th of July parade, The Buzz asked if Rogers was supporting Romney's run at the Republican Presidential nomination

Does that mean Rogers supports Romney, the former Massachusetts governor who spoke at a Republican Party event in Livingston County in April?

The answer, according to an e-mail from Rogers' spokeswoman Sylvia Warner, is simple: No.

Stay tuned for more gripping prose from our representative's representative.

P.S. Speaking of the Brighton 4th of July parade, where were the legislators? No Rogers, no Ward, no Hune, and a Senator-free Garcia entry. C'mon, guys -- cough up the entry fee, buy some tootsie rolls and make the effort to walk the 1.1 mile route.

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