Saturday, July 7, 2007

Once again, Judy at LivingBlue has a to-the-point post about Mike Rogers' "support" for the troops:

What, pray tell, does supporting the troops have to do with whether or not they should stay in Iraq and remain sitting ducks in a civil war between factions in that country?

If Rogers fully supports the troops, why doesn't he want to end the failed mission in Iraq and bring them home to their families, friends, homes, jobs, and lives?

Good question!

And while we're asking questions, why is it that the Press & Argus lets Rogers get away with written responses from his spokeswoman, Sylvia Warner?

[Since Ms. Warner always provides written responses, should her title be Writewoman?]

What exactly is Rogers is doing on his summer vacation that he's too busy to talk with the biggest paper in his home county?


One might start to think Mr. Rogers is afraid of follow-up questions...

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