Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Willfully Ignorant?

Without sufficient caffeine, I opened this morning's NY Times to find my local legislator quoted in the front-page story, Bush Aides See Failure in Fight With Al-Quaeda in Pakistan.

“We have to change policy,” said Representative Mike Rogers of Michigan, a Republican member of the House Intelligence Committee who has long advocated a more aggressive American intelligence campaign in Pakistan.

Suitably fortified with a second cup of coffee, I re-read the article.

Changing policy? Well, gosh! That's a GREAT idea!! Though one wonders just how long Mr. Rogers thinks we haven't been aggressive enough in Pakistan...

Less than a year ago, Mr. Rogers spoke at a Brighton Chamber of Commerce luncheon, touting his credentials as a member of the House Intelligence Committee. He called Afghanistan “a great success story” and Pakistan “a great friend.” He attributed reports of escalating violence in Afghanistan solely to Pakistan’s anti-terror efforts, and noted that progress in the region has been continuous. And he’s made other references to Pakistan as “our premier partner in the war on terror.”

So what exactly IS the story, Mr. Rogers?

In 2006, you brandished your membership in the House Intel Committee as a license to disagree with news reports, 'cause you had super-secret inside information that things were just swell in Pakistan.

In 2007, though, we find that you've apparently been (super-secretly?) fighting the good fight to CHANGE our intel policy in Pakistan... um, that would be the same intel policy that you thought was right on target last fall.

Oh, dear. Flip-flop is SUCH an unpleasant word.

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