Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mike Rogers: You're Invited!

Big kudos to the folks over at Living Blue for putting this video together:

That was the response that a group of 8th Congressional District residents opposed to the Iraq War got Thursday (July 12, 2007) when they met with Republican Rep. Mike Rogers' staff about the upcoming "Take a Stand" event at the Michigan Capitol.

The group, which included the mother of a man who has served a year in Iraq, a Shiawassee County veteran opposed to the war, and others, gathered outside Rogers' office in Lansing. Rogers was in Washington, but staff members met with four of Rogers' constituents.

Afterward, participants said they had a chance to explain their positions to Rogers' aide and hand-delivered a letter, along with a petition signed by 200 people, inviting Rogers to the Aug. 28 "Take a Stand" event being organized by Americans Against Escalation in Iraq.

Remember, Mike Roges has been funded by Iraq war profiteers for years, so I can't say I'm surprised that the response to this invitation was ignored. However, this is grassroots activism at its best, and I applaud everyone who was involved.

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