Sunday, July 15, 2007

Mike Rogers' Second Quarter 2007 Fundraising Report

Here is Mike Rogers' fundraising report for the second quarter of 2007. You can view a list of his contributors for this quarter here, and a list of committees who have donated to his campaign committee (dating back to 1999) here.

Mike brought in $174,162.15 this quarter, and currently has $491,383.91 cash on hand. That sounds pretty good, until you consider that during this same period (April through June 30) two years ago, he had a whopping $842,867.37 cash on hand. Not sure if we can draw any conclusions from this yet or not, seeing as how Mr. Rogers still doesn't have an opponent for 2008, but during a presidential election cycle, you'd think he would be further along with his fundraising by now.

Also of interest is that Mike took in $108,918.15 from PACs this quarter, which amounts to about 62% of everything he raised.

Looking back at our post about Mike Rogers' campaign contributions from prominent Iraq war profiteers, here's a quick update for the 2008 election cycle:
Wal-Mart also chipped in $1k for Mr. Rogers' campaign on March 22 of this year (they've gone in for $2k so far this cycle).

While I was poking around, I dug up a few other gems from past election cycles. The last one really caught my eye:
So that's the update from the Neighborhood. Sorry we didn't get around to this for the first quarter, but we will be keeping closer tabs on Mike's finances from here on out.

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