Friday, July 27, 2007

Voters talk to picture of Rogers: better response than the real thing, participants say

Yesterday's good weather showcased the latest efforts of Americans Against Escalation in Iraq to move U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers on the Iraq War. Intrepid AAEI guys Mike Webb and Jake Coffey were joined by local Dem activists Delphine Palkowski, Bob Alexander and others as they videotaped messages to Mr. Rogers at the Brighton Mill Pond.

The Press & Argus ran "Proponents of peace hold rally" on the front page, complete with photos. Citizens were invited to stand next to a larger-than-life-size poster of U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Brighton) and tell the Congressman what they thought of the war... Given that this may be the closest Mr. Rogers will ever get to any LivCo Dems, the messages were videotaped & will be sent to the Congressman's office.

In a no-surprises side story, Rogers' spokeswriter Sylvia Warner issued yet another written statement in lieu of actually talking to a reporter:

Our nation's security rests on our ability to take partisan politics out of this debate and move forward together. We must deal with several problems in Iraq — an Iranian problem, and al-Qaida problem, and a sectarian violence problem. It will take an honest, bipartisan dialogue to find strategies that solve those problems and bring our troops home without leaving an al-Qaida safe haven in Iraq. Immediate withdrawal is not a strategy and neither is ignoring the challenges.

Well, taking politics out of the debate is definitely a good thing... too bad Mr. Rogers isn't showing signs of doing it. He's also not over-fond of logic, apparently: he intersperes his lockstep support of the war with his own spiffy micro-managment plan to move 4,000 troops around an area the size of California.

While we're on the topic of logic, what exactly is Mr. Rogers' preferred strategy for safely bringing our troops home?

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