Thursday, February 22, 2007

Rogers accepts money from suspected terrorist

U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers is one of 22 Republican lawmakers – and one of three Michigan lawmakers - who has taken money from suspected terrorist financer Abdul Tawala Ibn Ali Alishtari, according to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

When are you going give the tainted money back, Mr. Rogers?

According to Reuters, Abdul Tawala Ibn Ali Alishtari - AKA Michael Mixon - a New York businessman, was indicted on terrorism charges on Friday, accused of transferring $152,000 to fund the purchase of equipment for use in a militant training camp in Afghanistan. He was arrested Thursday and charged with financing terrorism and with money laundering for accepting an unspecified payment to secretly transfer $152,000 for equipment including night-vision goggles in the second half of 2006, said an indictment unsealed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan. Alishtari, 53, a U.S., citizen born in the United States.

Remember Afghanistan? That’s where the actual 9/11 terrorist plot that killed thousands of Americans was actually hatched, supported and nurtured

According to the Boston Herald, from April 2002 until August 2004, Alishtari gave donations ranging from $500 to $5,000 to the National Republican Congressional Committee, according to Federal Election Commission reports and two campaign donor tracking Web sites, and

Alishtari’s resume says that in 2003 he was named a National Republican Senatorial Committee ”Inner Circle Member for Life” and was appointed to the NRCC’s ”White House Business Advisory Committee.” The resume also says Alishtari was named the NRCC’s New York state businessman of the year in 2002 and 2003.

It seems ironic that Republicans call anyone who does not support Bush’s failed polices in the Iraq civil war occupation a terrorist and a traitor, yet the Republicans actually accept money from terrorists and refuse to give it back.

Rogers joins fellow Republicans Joe Knollenberg and Thaddeus McCotter in accepting the blood money.


Zack said...

Hopefully Mike Rogers (and his colleagues) will return these campaign contributions, or, at the very least, make a contribution to a local charity in the equivalent amount.

It would be a disgrace to keep this money.

Kelster93 said...

Why would Mike give it back? He refused to give back any of his Abramoff $$, on the grounds that it was legal when he gave it.

Never underestimate the closeness of Mr. Rogers and his moola...

Kathy said...

I'd like to see Rogers make a donation to one of Michigan's veteran groups. After all, it's our troops who are risking life and limb because of him and the rest of his GOP friends.

djtyg said...

Hey, LL. You should put this on Michigan Liberal. I got it in my email because you had Bad Thad's name on it:).

LiberalLucy said...

Hmm, perhaps it could go up as a diary on MichLib....good point DJ. Thanks!