Thursday, February 15, 2007

Calling Congressman Rogers

Phone call to the D.C. office of Congressman Mike Rogers this afternoon.

"Congressman Mike Rogers office," says a woman's voice.

"Hello," I say, "I'm calling because I want Congressman Rogers to support the Democrats' resolution condemning President Bush's escalation in Iraq. I don't understand why he's equivocating. He says he's against Bush's strategy but yet he won't vote for the resolution condemning the strategy. I don't understand his position."

"Can I have your name and address?"

I give her my name and address. When she's done she says, "I'll forward your concerns to the Congressman and he'll be in contact with you about his position." Click.

I am assuming future contact about his position on his opposition to the resolution that opposes the escalation/surge strategy he also opposes will take place through the mail. Now that I write it out, it sounds like he opposes himself. Not sure how that works. Regardless, I'm looking forward to seeing him clarify his complicated position on a simple resolution.

For those of you that want to tell the Congressman how you think he ought to vote on this resolution, call 202-225-4872.

Meanwhile, I'll be checking my mailbox for that clarification, Congressman.


Sally York said...

You can bet that the answer will be a carbon copy of what he has already said. He never really answers a question, he gives you a policy statement usually two pages long and says all things, both for and against. He is a master double talker and even more so in writing.

You will get an letter you will not get an answer.

Anonymous said...

Oh Sally, get a life already. Do you expect Congressman Rogers to take your position on issues when he ran as a Republican and won as a Republican? You don't like Mike because he doesn't agree with you and you make it personal. He was elected 4 times without your vote. Have you ever stoped to think that more people agree with him than you in this district?? I guess your not capable of putting the pieces together. By the way, do you have a life? You post on every blog possible. Maybe you should get out a little more? Find a life... maybe you would be a little less uptight?

Anonymous said...

I have gotten response letters from Roger's office before, and they are rhetorical double-talk. I've heard him speak, and it's obvious he's not so bright, but someone on his staff must be quite artful at weaving the BS that his less-than-astute supporters evidently mistake for an actual postion!

As for the previous guy's third-grade comments to Sally, it's hard to say whether his (or her) ignorance exceeds his immaturity! Of course Rogers is right because he got elected (nothing to do with the way the district was redrawn). As a kid this guy's response when he lost arguments to more intelligent kids was doubtlessly something like "Your mom wears army boots"....

Anonymous said...

Oh, you really hurt my feelings! I guess you are not "smart" enough to understand what I was implying. More people in the 8th agree with him than you. Does it ever cross your pea brain that you are out of touch? Maybe you attack Mike's "brightness" just because he doesn't agree with your twisted comments. I guess everyone who supports him is just not as smart as you and Sally. Maybe he does what he thinks is right and tries to be a leader and you are just a hack? Do you think his opponent, Jim M is smart? I feel sorry for you!