Saturday, February 17, 2007

He's dancing as fast as he can

Mr. Rogers' remarks during this week's debate on the Iraq resolution were a virtuoso performance of tap dancing.

Rogers is against the proposed troop surge --

In a rare break from President George W. Bush, Rogers' nonbinding resolution states that Congress disagrees with the administration's troop surge

... tappity-tap-tap...

but he's also against the resolution because "it doesn't bring one soldier home."

No, wait, he's against it because "Its clear purpose is to divide those of us in this chamber ... This resolution does nothing to bring members together."


But isn't this the same Mike Rogers who earlier this month only included his GOP Intel committee colleagues in discussions of his alternative resolution?

Bonus irony points go to the Free Press for its article on how the Michigan Congressional delegation would be voting on the resolution. The sidebar listed 7 reps as "Supporters of resolution," 7 reps as "Opponents" and one with his own special category: "With another solution."

Hey, Mike's a special guy. He deserves his own category. And boy, can he dance!


Anonymous said...

And without the press acting as his prosthesis, he'd be hopping around like a peg-legged pirate who mixed rum with his prescription medication. Ahrrr..

Pohlitics said...

Thanks for keeping up with this. I've been pretty sick all week.

livingstondem said...

Tell us the way Mr. Rogers –

The military mastermind has come up with a plan. Our own representative is now Patton resurrected, Machavelli renincarnated and General Grant all rolled into one. He knows more than Jim Baker and Lee Hamilton, more than half of the House of Representatives and knows more than Bush and his commanders. He will now direct the war in Iraq from a committee! What business acumen! I love micromanagement.

Captain Underpants – protecting his backside and voting no because HE has a way forward. He has been to Iraq numerous times and still wonders why they call it the Green Zone, it looked like the desert to him.

Sally York said...

Mr. Rogers is dancing, but to his own music because no one else can hear it. But when you are a legion in your own mind anything is possible. Some may call it delusion.