Friday, February 23, 2007

'Congress Decides' Event Goes Well, Despite the Ducking of Rogers' Staff

With a crowd of 20+ people, Thursday's sponsored event at Mr. Rogers' Lansing office went quite well. Despite a blustery wind, the event received quite a bit of public support from passing motorists in the forms of honks and thumbs up to our signs that read "Bring U.S. Troops Home from Iraq Now".

We peacefully gathered outside, and filed in as we presented our signed letters from many of Mr. Rogers' constituents to his front office personnel.

Missing in action? Mr. Rogers' Michigan Director of Outreach, Tony Baltimore, who was observed ducking out the back entrance as we began to gather. I'm sure he had much more important outreach duties to attend to then a group of constituents who were dropping by the office. *snark*

Further outreach events are in the planning stages directed towards Mr. Rogers, and we hope you'll stay tuned and pitch in!


Anonymous said...

Oh boy, 20 whole people. I can't believe Mike didn't rush of to DC with your advice right away! You moveon people really know how to bring them in!!

Kelster93 said...

Anonymous, one can only assume you're deliberately missing the point here. It doesn't matter HOW many people showed up (and it's rather doubtful that you could muster up that many on short notice). The salient point is that the Outreach Director was too scared to reach out to "only 20" constituents and ran out the back door. Hmmm. Could Anonymous in fact BE Mr. Baltimore? Lurking is a talent, you know...