Friday, February 13, 2009

Party Time

Did you know that Mr. Rogers is really busy in Washington?

You may think he's working to support the stimulus package, but no -- he's against it, even though the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has urged Congress to pass it.

Well, he's a member of the Energy & Commerce Committee -- both topics are pretty crucial right now -- so you probably assume he's focusing on that. 


Turns out that Mr. Rogers is busy planning parties! From Roll Call:

Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) is kicking off his tenure as incumbent retention chairman for the National Republican Congressional Committee by hosting a “meet and greet” Thursday night for freshman GOP Members and more than 150 political action committees, according to a source familiar with the event.
There's no question that Mr. Rogers is pretty darn talented at this fundraising stuff:
Rogers is a powerhouse fundraiser despite the bad environment, contributing more than $200,000 to 61 GOP candidates through his political action committee, $245,000 to the NRCC as a team captain for both the president’s dinner and the Battleground program, and $600,000 along with Sessions and retiring Louisiana Rep. Jim McCrery as part of the fundraising program to help Republicans running against incumbent Democrats or to fill open seats.

Regular visitors to The Neighborhood also know that 

He was a record-breaking fundraiser in his 2 terms as NRCC Finance Committee chair. He's consistently raised more than the average House member in each election cycle. His PAC, the "MikeR Fund" ("Majority Initiative --Keep Electing Republicans"), was ranked 17th of 152 Republican leadership PACs in 2006. He founded CHOMP ("Challengers Helping Obtain the Majority Program") after the GOP's losses in 2006. And he's made time to raise money for (and with) all sorts of fellow Congresscritters, including disgraced Congressmen Mark Foley, Tom DeLay and Bob Ney.
So if you're worried about the skyrocketing unemployment or home foreclosures here in Michigan's 8th Congressional District, you can rest assured that Mike Rogers is working hard to address the needs and concerns of his political cronies.

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