Thursday, February 26, 2009

Congressman, Cardinal or Consigliere?

Regular visitors to The Neighborhood know that Mr. Rogers expends most of his time & energy on party politics -- with the emphasis on party.

Since announcing his decision to skip the 2010 Governor's race, Mr. Rogers has turned his focus to fiscal planning and long-term employment projects...
... for GOP members of Congress.

In his role as a member of the NRCC leadership
"We're going to have to make some very tough decisions,” Michigan Rep. Mike Rogers, who is heading up incumbent retention efforts for the National Republican Congressional Committee, told members, according to a person in the meeting. “We lost members who fell away from the flock."
The flock?  Could it be that the GOP's troubles stem from the fact that they're confusing a political party with a religious movement?

This comment from Mr. Rogers provides another example of such confusion:
"We have very limited resources," said Mike Rogers, chairman of the NRCC's incumbent retention program, to Roll Call. “It’s not right to ask the whole Conference to help those who aren’t willing to help themselves.”
Gee, I always thought it was God helping those who help themselves...

All of this refers to the NRCC's new "Patriot" program for the 2010 elections.  Any members who don't sign a contract outlining specific campaign fundraising goals will get zero assistance from the NRCC. 

In explaining the new program, GOP leaders moved from the pulpit to the alley:
"If you do not participate you will not get help,” Rogers told members. 

"I'm gonna sign this contract,” House Minority Leader John Boehner said in the meeting. “We all need to sign it. When Mike Rogers comes to see you, I'm coming to see you."
Sounds like they're making an offer that GOP candidates can't refuse: "Nice little campaign ya got here. Shame if something happened to it."

Don't you love the smell of doctrinal purity in the morning?

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