Thursday, May 1, 2008

Better Late Than Never

Last week, LivingBlue reported on Mike Rogers' lack of support for the new and much-needed GI Bill (S.22/H.R.5740).

Lo and behold, today the GI Bill website listed Mr. Rogers as a co-sponsor. (Bart Stupak, Pete Hoekstra, Vern Ehlers, Fred Upton, Tim Walberg -- what are you waiting for?)

This is good news. Our troops deserve this support. It's the right thing to do: as a nation, we owe them (and their families) so much for their service. It's also the smart thing to do, as the IAVA website notes:
As our military recovers and resets in the coming years, an expanded GI Bill will play a crucial role in ensuring that our military remains the strongest and most advanced in the world.
Now Mr. Rogers can now turn his attention to more fun things -- like party planning!

The Republican National Congressional Committee wants to raise $7 million at this year's President's Dinner, scheduled for June 18th. The voters of MI-08 will be proud to know that Mr. Rogers has been named a Team Captain for the dinner!

Last year's Team Captains were on the hook to raise $75,000 each... I'm not worried about Mr. Rogers coming up with the cash, though. He's been a champion at raking in the dough since he got to Washington 8 years ago.

He was a record-breaking fundraiser in his 2 terms as NRCC Finance Committee chair. He's consistently raised more than the average House member in each election cycle. His PAC, the "MikeR Fund" ("Majority Initiative --Keep Electing Republicans"), was ranked 17th of 152 Republican leadership PACs in 2006. He founded CHOMP ("Challengers Helping Obtain the Majority Program") after the GOP's losses in 2006. And he's made time to raise money for (and with) all sorts of fellow Congresscritters, including disgraced Congressmen Mark Foley, Tom DeLay and Bob Ney.

See? Mike Rogers is in Washington working really hard! Being busy! Helping people!

Unless of course you are a resident of Michigan's Eighth District, in which case he's too busy to help YOU.

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