Friday, May 23, 2008

Livingston Gothic

Mike Rogers may have turned his back on the mothers, veterans and unemployed folks here in MI-08, but he was able to rally himself & vote for this week's Farm Bill despite his misgivings:

"I wish it would have been written differently ... but at the end of the day I just felt it was important to take care of those kids and seniors," said Rogers, R-Brighton, who said even his father had "some serious questions for me" about the bill.
Oh, really?

If Mr. Rogers feels so strongly about taking care of kids and seniors, perhaps he can explain why he repeatedly voted against children's health care this session and supported the overpriced and underperforming Medicare Advantage program.

It's unlikely that he supported the bill because it increases access to food stamps for low-income families. Earlier this year, Rogers opined that Michigan families only needed a few hundred dollars' worth of one-time stimulus checks, instead of expanding food stamps or unemployment benefits.

(Hmmm... could it have anything to do with the campaign contributions he's received from agribusiness over the years?)

It must be one heck of a reason, whatever it may be -- it's the first time in memory that Rogers has supported a bill vetoed by President Bush.

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