Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bet There's No Apple Pie, Either!

From our bloggy pals down in Ohio, a post that confirms what you always knew in your heart:
178 Republicans Vote Against Mothers.
First, the Democrats and Republicans voted for HRES 1113 (House Vote 274), which the Washington Post reports was a resolution "Celebrating the Role of Mothers in the United States and Supporting the Goals and Ideals of Mother's Day." This was on May 7, 2008 at 2:19pm. Then, at 2:27pm, a re-vote on the same HRES (Vote 275), 178 Republicans voted against the Mother's Day Resolution.
No kidding.

This is amazing, like a gift from the gods of the internet plopped down in our laps to play with over the summer.

Seriously, though, there is no good way for a politician to answer the question "Why did you vote against mothers?".

An accurate reply might reference some sort of procedural motion ("I voted against tabling it"), but that sounds vaguely like a kid saying he didn't clean his room yet, but he will soon.

Happy Mother's Day from Mr. Rogers & his gang!

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