Tuesday, March 20, 2007


While I stand second to none in my dislike for Mike Rogers' opportunistic finger-in-the-wind style of politics (not to mention his luuurve of corporate cash), I sincerely I hope the band of idiots who vandalized his office in Lansing are arrested and prosecuted.

What were they thinking? Anyone with half a brain knows that such a stunt would result in sympathy for Rogers (rightly so, in this case) and a backlash against anti-war protesters. No surprises in the media coverage: Rep. Rogers' Lansing Office Vandalized, Anti-war vandals hit congressman's office, Michigan Congressman Mike Rogers' Office Vandalized Over Iraq War, you get the idea. It's not just illegal, IT'S STUPID.

Gee, maybe one of the Einsteins who did this will post and let us in on the thought processes -- or lack thereof -- that led them to link property damage to a withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.


Sally York said...

I am in accord with catch and punish those that vandilized Roger's office. It is my sincere hope that they turn out to be people that are not connect with the anti war movement. If they are double shame on them, this is not acceptable protest methods. We the citizens wind up paying for the clean up, replacement of the camera and security.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed that the biggest problem people hare have with this incident is what it will cost to clean up and how it will reflect badly on anti war folks and might garner sypmpathy for Rogers. You are all either stupid, or more likely deeply disturbed. You are blind idealogues and your hate is ruining our society. You are the folks that foster this kind of thing with your hate, yes I said hate speech. Instead of producing blogs you should seek out mental health experts for help.

Communications guru said...

Thank you for your insightful comments, you-ever-you-are, you bring some wonderful debate to the table. By the way, that’s sarcasm. I know why you post anonymously.
I agree with you to a point. Yes, the cost of cleaning it up is not the most important thing. The most important thing is the more than 3,200 dead American servicemen and woman killed in Iraq, the estimated 100,000 maimed and wounded there and countless Iraqis dead and injured. More are being wounded and killed everyday in this that useless occupation.

I see no hate speech. The peoples who did this make a mistake, and they should pay for it, but I only see caring and compassion among anti-war protestors.

Pohlitics said...

While this little stunt was sophmoric and stupid, it pales in comparison to the moronic war in Iraq, which Mike Rogers has supported since day one.

*3200+ Americans Dead

*$410 BILLION to fund the war

*1 Congressman's Office gets vandalized

I don't point these things out to justify the vandalism, but you have to put this incident into perspective.

Kelster93 said...

Pohlitics is absolutely right about the toll this war has taken on our country -- and on Iraq. However, we all know that the mainstream media pretty much ignores this.

We also know that msm gloms onto non-news (Anna Nicole, anyone?) and turns it into The Story. I wrote the original post because I was frustrated that these dimwits handed the LSJ, Press & Argus, et al both an opportunity to sensationalize a minor incident and an excuse to keep on ignoring the true cost of the war.