Friday, March 23, 2007

Rogers votes against Iraq exit deadline

Well, it's official.

Mike Rogers voted against HR 1591 today, a spending bill with an Iraq exit deadline.

The House of Representatives on Friday voted 218-212 to approve a spending bill that includes a firm deadline -- August 31, 2008 -- for combat troops to leave Iraq.

A solid majority of Americans – six in ten – now favor a timetable to withdraw troops from Iraq by the end of 2008.

Once again, Mike Rogers has chosen to support George Bush's disastrous war. A war that Rep. Rogers' campaign financiers have profited handsomely from. Apparently loyalty to Bush, and the corporate PACs that helped put him in office, is more important than the will of the people.

Our men and women in uniform, and 8th district voters, deserve better.


Anonymous said...

Next election VOTE him out of office. He better start seeking employment now.
Bye bye had your chance.
Michigan Voters are waking up more and more to the lies of Bush Iraq war.

Anonymous said...

Good luck morons! He will be back and you all will cry some more. This is one of the best re-election tools he could have. People can read all your pathetic hateful posts and see exactlly who you people are. Keep it up retards. Thank God Rogers did NOT vote for this garbage. Queen Nancy managed to bribe enough dems with pork and ear marks for them to vote for this. glad your side is so principled. why don't you commies go paint someone elses office now.

Pohlitics said...

"People can read all your pathetic hateful posts and see exactlly who you people are. Keep it up retards."

I'm glad you hold yourself to the same high standard you hold us.

Anonymous said...

I don't really feel sorry for Mike. He is clearly just following the republican party line and not using his brain.
Sadly, this war has accomplished nothing. Just dead bodies. What a total waste.

I see many neighbors in my area questioning why Bush is still in the office. Why?
Sam Tunnel

Anonymous said...

Maybe Bush is still in office because he won the election, moron! Same reason our pathetic governor is. She is without a doubt the worst governor in the USA. Even worse than Blanco, another dem and that is saying a lot! She doesn't have a clue.

Pohlitics said...

"Maybe Bush is still in office because he won the election, moron!"

Gee, you're a friendly one.

Anonymous said...

I think Michigan voters are smart to realize that Republicans are actually killing the soldiers with their reckless agenda. I have no doubt that the next election more republicans than ever will lose their seats.
Many of my neighbors see the what is happening hear with this war. All the money and no results of any type nature or substance. Most people are smart enough to realize that Bush has lied so much.
Any house or senate member still supporting this clown will lose by a wide margin next election. Going against the american public is not a smart move. You can't FIGHT the American public.
bye bye now, rogers.