Monday, March 12, 2007

Shock and Awe from Mr. Rogers

For once, I'd like to say thanks to Mr. Rogers.

From the AP:
Michigan's congressional delegation supported a proposal to help communities that have deteriorating sewers implement more modern wastewater systems.

Nearly the entire delegation last week supported the plan, sponsored by Rep. Dave Camp, R-Midland, which would spend $1.7 billion over five years in federal grants to modernize sewer systems and control sewer overflows that have polluted rivers and streams.

Imagine that, Mr. Rogers actually doing something helpful for his constituents.

Of course, before any of us get too excited that this helping business might turn into a some sort of wacky trend, there's this, from the same story -
On Friday, the House approved the Clean Water State Revolving Fund, which would give out up to $20 billion in loans over five years for water pollution abatement projects.

The measure would give union construction workers a hiring advantage for water projects funded by federal lending.

All six Michigan Democrats voted yes, joining Republican Reps. Vernon Ehlers of Grand Rapids, Thaddeus McCotter of Livonia, Fred Upton of St. Joseph and Candice Miller of Macomb County's Harrison Township. Four Republicans voted against it and Camp did not vote.

Whoa, even some of Michigan's most conservative congresscritters voted to help Michigan's economy, work force, and environment.

Mr. Rogers? Well, apparently the unions and the rest of the working class don't rate high enough (or didn't donate enough money to all of his special-interest projects for the super-rich) on his list of "constituents to really represent".

Mike Rogers: Michigan's most out-of-touch Congressman.

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Sally York said...

Mr Roger's is part of the gang of political assasins that have their marching order from the top, we need to make room for more low waged workers such as the illigals coming across the border and if the American working class wants to work they better be willing to work for much lower wages and no benefits.

It makes no difference they have built a life on certain income, now they are losing their homes and having to find somewhere to live. Check how many families are moving back with their parents, why they cannot afford or cannot find a suitable place for their family to live.

Has anyone asked themselves what is going to happen to all of this property that is being forclosed on? We know there is a segement of the population that can afford to buy it up. Since we stop the wholesale take over of property with a ballot proposal, you can believe that they will find another way. I know I should like some who see a conspiracy around every corner, but just look what has happened to this country because no one was willing to ask these questions until it was too late.