Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Patriot Games

TPM is reporting that the NRCC has decided to limit its next Patriot Program group to five incumbents, down from the original 10.

Mike Rogers has energetically co-chaired the NRCC incumbent retention program and spent quite a bit of time raising $$ for the chosen Patriots.

Has he not been working hard enough? Perish the thought, according to an NRCC aide:
"The political environment has shifted, and there just aren't five more vulnerable Members who are really in need of assistance or facing a credible challenge," an NRCC aide told the paper. "That money would be better spent by directly transferring money to the committee and on assisting the large number of challenger candidates looking to oust a Democrat incumbent."
A somewhat more clear-eyed analysis came from TPM.
Another way of looking at it is this: The Republicans got cleaned out in 2006 and 2008. With the exception of some open swing seats where usually safe GOP incumbents are retiring, there's not too much left that the GOP has a serious chance of losing.
Either way, it looks as though Mr. Rogers will have some extra time on his hands. Think he'll get around to paying attention to Michigan's interests in Washington?


A Conservative Teacher said...

I noticed that on some other blogs that you refer to people you don't like as 'tea-baggers'... is this sort of anti-homosexual slur? Explain how calling people at Tea Party's 'tea-baggers' is an insult- are you letting your anti-liberty and anti-gay tendencies both show in one telling comment?

Kelster93 said...

First off, CT, thanks for taking the time to read not one but two progressive blogs :-)

Perhaps you could explain why you think "tea-bagger" is an insult. After all, protesters at Tea Parties across the country have shown up with tea bags on their signs, wearing hats adorned with tea bags, as well as tea bag earrings.

I'm not "anti-liberty": this is America, and these folks are free to decorate themselves with whatever caffeinated beverage items they wish.

Nor am I "anti-gay" -- not sure why you would think this, especially if you've read my other writing.

P.S. the plural of "party" is "parties."