Monday, February 18, 2008

Too Little, Too Late

In today's Press & Argus, you'll find a quarter-page ad inviting you to join Mike Rogers in a radio town hall on Wednesday (2/20). The topic is "Protecting Our Homes Against Foreclosure." In the ad, Mr. Rogers writes,

I know that 2007 was a difficult year for Michigan families. My top priority is protecting mid-Michigan jobs and helping families get through the current housing crisis. I look forward to talking with you on February 20 about protecting our homes against foreclosure.
Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that things are not looking good around here.

It's telling that Mr. Rogers chose this format. A radio call-in means he won't have to be in the same room -- or even the same state -- as actual voters. Calls will be screened, so he won't have to answer any tough questions. Ah, the sweet smell of control...

Have you noticed that Mr. Rogers has a rather unique concept of "representative"?

He's rarely in the district.

When he is in town, it's for a fundraiser or partisan political event. (He was a no-show at the Brighton 4th of July parade and the Howell MelonFest parade)

His Lansing office grudgingly tolerates walk-in visits, but don't even think about bringing anything in: the staff throws away flowers from peace activists and shrinks from touching yard signs. On occasion, they even head out the back door when they don't want to deal with annoying constituents.

You can make an appointment to see him in Washington, but that's no guarantee he'll actually meet with you -- in fact, you may not get to enter the office.

His spokeswoman doesn't speak to the local media.

So just how representative is our Representative? Is this level of service worth a $162,000 salary, gold-plated health care coverage and a nice pension?

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