Friday, August 1, 2008

Too Casual Friday

Mike Rogers is already on summer vacation... he's dressed for it, anyway.

According to the CBS/Politico, Mr. Rogers showed up in a fetching summery ensemble:
Michigan Republican Mike Rogers returned to the House floor in shorts and sandals to take his turn at the podium, as the Republican talkathon continues on the House floor, hours after the chamber formally recessed for the week.

Looking like he was ready for the links in a pair of cargo shorts and a short-sleeve shirt, Rogers said he was preparing to drive back to Michigan when he pulled a U-turn and headed back into town.

"I had gotten in my car to drive home and I realized I didn't have enough money to pay for the first tank of gas," said Rogers.
Oh, where to begin?

Let's leave the whole issue of cargo shorts to the Fashion Police.

We need to ask, though, why someone who makes $165,000 PLUS pension and benefits is poor-mouthing and complaining about the price of gas...

... especially since he voted against cracking down on gasoline price gougers on four separate occasions (H.R. 1252 - 2007, H.R. 6346 - 2007, H.R. 3893 – 2005, H.R. 4568 -- 2004), and he voted against cracking down on oil speculation and energy fraud (HR 4503 – 2004, HR 6 -- 2003).

Anyone out there know if Mr. Rogers actually drives his car back and forth to D.C., or was it just another cutesy Rogers anecdote?

UPDATE: How much does it cost to buy a protest on the floor of the House? Over at Gristmill, David Roberts answers this age-old question. For Mr. Rogers, the price tag is $55,650.


Anonymous said...

That shows true dedication. On his way home to see his kids, but turns around in order to help encourage the nation to move forward on energy independence. The Democrat House members took the low road on this one. They had the oppurtunity to address the problem, but instead sell the nation out so they can protect their weak candidate.

B. Dennis said...

Oh so I see you only approve comments if they bash Mike or his ideas, too affraid to have a real debate, only safe if you can sit behind a computer and have the power to disapprove opposing views! You should try allowing opposing views, it will not only help improve society as a whole, but will also help you stregthen your own thoughts.

Anonymous said...

If your comments and views are any indication, the poor boy would be rendered a comatose vegetable after only an hour. Better he keep his own sanity, I say.