Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Money Can't Buy You Love

Judy over at LivingBlue has an interesting post...

Seems that Mr. Rogers was hanging around the Brighton Costco prior to the July 4th parade, trolling for people to march with him.

And he recently sent out a plea for some marching pals to accompany him in this Saturday's Howell Melon Fest Parade.

Astutely as usual, Judy observed:
This guy is a member of the Rogers family, which dominates Brighton-area politics. He is an incumbent member of Congress, well-known in the community, part of the Republican Party, which has thousands of supporters in the county.

And he is still looking for people to march with him in a parade less than 3 months before the election.

Too bad he can't dress up some of that hundreds of thousands of dollars he has raised and let the dollars march for him.
It's true that money can't buy you love. In this case, though, it looks like money can't even buy you a few buddies to walk next to you in public.

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