Sunday, December 9, 2007

Jingle Bells a la Mike Rogers

Dashing through DC
With a gang of lobbyists
Love that K Street cash
Forget constituents

How can I get one more
Gerrymandered term?
What fun it is to wheel and deal
And watch the voters squirm.

Oh, incumbent, incumbent
It’s really quite a scam
Voters pay, you get to play
Off in Afghanistan

Blaming all the Dems
For our country’s ills
You say no to S-CHIP
And you laugh at CAFÉ bills

You say you’re Intel Guy,
Know lots ‘bout terrorist stuff
In Pakistan, you are the man
But you don’t come home enough

Oh, incumbent, incumbent
It must have been a bummer
The NIE says Iran’s nuke-free
No photo ops there in your Hummer

cross-posted at LivingBlue


yelling_at_the_radio said...

I enjoy this blog, was wondering if you will be or have posted about Mike Rogers fear mongering over Iran.

Kelster93 said...

oh, yes -- here's a post about Mr. Rogers' unique view of US policy towards Iran:

Could be time for another one, though...

Anonymous said...

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