Thursday, October 18, 2007

SCHIP of Fools: Rogers was for it before he was against it

A number of local papers have run op-eds and columns in support of the SCHIP override, including the Livingston County Press & Argus, the Flint Journal and the Ann Arbor News. These smaller regional papers were joined by the Free Press (one of the nation's top 20 papers) with this morning's excellent pro-SCHIP editorial. The editorial shot down the laundry list of "reasons" given by Rogers, Walberg, Knollenberg et al for voting against SCHIP.

The best part of the Freep editorial?
• In Michigan, 42% of SCHIP enrollees are childless adults, a program the state started with the Bush administration's blessing. Enrollees' annual income cannot exceed $3,500; the program is designed mainly to get them preventive care that will keep them out of emergency rooms. Two Republican congressmen (Mike Rogers and Dave Camp) sent a letter supporting the state's application.

(emphasis mine).

In other words, Mike Rogers "was for it before he was against it"

Hypocrisy isn't pretty.

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