Thursday, October 18, 2007

Money see, money do

In case you were worried that Mike Rogers was too busy defending the indefensible and voting against health care for the children of working families to have time for anything else, I bring you glad tidings!

This Press & Argus article will reassure you that for Mr. Rogers, it's business as usual:

LOCAL: Rogers' campaign account grows

According to filings earlier this month with the Federal Election Commission, U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Brighton, now has more than $500,000 in his re-election campaign bank account.

From July through September, Rogers raised about $153,500 and spent around $121,000, adding approximately $32,500 to his cash on hand. He now has $523,358 in his campaign account.

No Democratic challenger has emerged. The election is Nov. 2008.

About $85,000 of Rogers' contributions in the reporting period came from individuals, and $68,000 from political action committees.

Possessed of a healthy curiosity, I went online to check out the specifics of the Q3 filing.

According to, so far this year Rogers has raised $443,543 in total receipts; $192,088 in individual contributions, $247,231 in PAC contributions, and $1,484 from party committees. He knows that it will take quite a chunk o'change to buy all the happy-talk ads needed to distract people from his record on children's health, veterans and national security...

He's already spent $272,730... with the election still 13 months away and no challenger in sight.

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