Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Turn up the heat on Rogers for his support for the failed Iraq occupation

Concerned citizens, volunteers and political activists will join with Americans Against Escalation in Iraq and Military Moms for Peace to welcome home U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Brighton, one of most ardent supporters of President Bush’s failed polices in the Iraq occupation/civil war, following the August recess of the U.S. Congress with a rally Wednesday at Rogers’ Lansing office.

Activists hope to turn up the heat to help Rogers see the error in continuously voting to continue Bush’s failed Iraq policies and to make excuses for its failure in an unjustified and useless occupation that that has killed more Livingston County soldiers and Marines than the entire 16-year history of the war in Vietnam.

Over the last several weeks Americans Against Escalation in Iraq's "Iraq Summer" campaign has rolled out the welcome mat in preparation for Rogers' arrival by signing up hundreds of Rogers' constituents as volunteers, holding rallies in front of his office and planting lawn signs and going door-to-door throughout the 8th Congressional District. Outraged at the fact that the Iraqi government is going on vacation while major milestones in the plans for moving Iraq forward remain unmet, the volunteers will be greeting Rogers in their vacation attire: Hawaiian shirts and sunglasses at his Lansing office at noon Wednesday Aug. 8. The office is located at 1327 E. Michigan Ave. in the City of Lansing, and for those that use one of the driving directions programs the zip code is 48823. Don’t forget your vacation gear.

Americans Against Escalation in Iraq is a national campaign comprised of a variety groups from across the political spectrum that are committed to opposing the Bush plan to escalate the war in Iraq and to work for the responsible redeployment of American forces. It’s a loose coalition of various groups, including the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), MoveOn.org Political Action, VoteVets.org, Center for American Progress Action Fund, USAction, Win Without War, Campaign for America’s Future, the United States Student Association, Working Assets, Americans United for Change and Campus Progress Action.

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