Monday, August 13, 2007

He's Still Turning!

I just finished posting The Worm Turns and got up for that all-important coffee refill. I sat back down at my computer to find that today's Lansing State Journal is showcasing Mr. Rogers' latest Maybe/MaybeNot pronouncement with this headline:

This article contains such gems as

We've got to figure out, have we made any headway at all on the political front, that I don't know," he said. "But I think, militarily, they have been able to turn the corner."


Rogers has generally supported the war effort, but has been critical of the Bush administration over the past year. He called President Bush's surge in troops a mistake, but did not vote against it.

My personal fave:

Asked whether he still believed the decision to invade Iraq was correct, Rogers said there was no point in looking backward.

So here's the question for Mr. Rogers: do you sleep well at night because you (A) have no spine, (B) have no conscience, or (C) all of the above?

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Secor314 said...

Amazing. Not unbelievable because after the last 7 or so years I'd believe just about anything, but still amazing. I'm still looking for the strong international consensus the big fella said would be necessary before going to war and how Iraq wasn't an imminent threat in September, but somehow became one when it became time to vote in October.

The big fella only got around 60 percent in his home county last time around. He might wanna start hosting some meetings before that cushion disappears.