Monday, June 11, 2007

Rogers’ staffer used standard GOP defense

If you needed any more examples that people with influence, power and money – other than Paris Hilton - can get away with just about anything, the case of Mike Rogers senior staff member Charles “Tony” Baltimore is just one more.

You may recall that Baltimore was arrested for domestic assault in April by Lansing Police at a downtown Lansing club after what police described as an "altercation with a female companion.” According to the Lansing State Journal, District Court Judge Charles Filice dismissed the charges today. However, there appears to be more to the case, and it appears there was some merit to the charges.

The LSJ reported, “As a condition of the dismissal, Baltimore has to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings as well as a batterers’ intervention service. Chief Assistant Prosecutor Linda Maloney said they will monitor his attendance.
“In the event of noncompliance, we could consider reissuing the charges,” she said.

Back in April spokesperson Sylvia Warner, Rogers’ press secretary, said action would be taken when Rogers knew more about the situation.

"The congressman obviously takes this very seriously," Warner said back in April. "The congressman wants to know, himself, exactly what the situation is."
Warner said Rogers would take "appropriate action" as soon as he had all the information about the incident.

He now, apparently, has all the information. What action is he planning to take? Why is Rogers still silent? Apparently, some sort of altercation occurred, or why the batterers’ intervention service? Just because there is no civil action does not mean Rogers cannot or should not take action. However, it appears Baltimore will take the standard defense we have seen other prominent Republicans take when caught in a misdeed: rehab.

It appears that promise of action by Rogers evaporated after the charges were dismissed.

“Tony continues to be an important member of the congressman’s staff,” said Sylvia Warner, Rogers’ press secretary. “The merits of the issue were reviewed by a judge and dismissed. We are pleased the matter has been resolved.”

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