Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mr. Rogers' Senior Staffer Charged with Domestic Assault

From the Lansing State Journal:
Charles "Tony" Baltimore, a senior staff member in Congressman Mike Rogers' Lansing office, was arrested on domestic assault charges, Lansing Police said today.

Baltimore was arrested late Saturday night at a downtown Lansing club after what police described as an "altercation with a female companion".

"The congressman obviously takes this very seriously," Rogers' spokeswoman Sylvia Warner said. "The congressman wants to know, himself, exactly what the situation is."

Mary Kelly, Deputy Court Administrator for the 54A District Court, said Baltimore will appear before Judge Charles Filice on May 7 for a preliminary hearing.

Warner said Rogers would take "appropriate action" as soon as he had all the information about the incident.

Everyone's innocent until proven guilty, and let's just hope that Mr. Rogers can show some real leadership in the handling of this situation.


Pohlitics said...

The comments from the LSJ article were a little troubling:

"I have seen Baltimore out drinking before at some local establishments. Once after having conversation with him, it turned ugly. He threated to have his boys come to the bar to DEAL with me. All of this over a simple conversation. I was the one to choose to discontinue the conversation. This most recent incident does not suprise me at all. He thinks he is above the law. He will cost Rogers votes... especially mine. Hopefully Mr. Rogers will make the right choice and show some leadership."

"I have also seen him out drinking at local establishments on numerous occasions. Once I heard him drunkenly declare, very loudly, that he was going to be the next mayor of Lansing. Wonder if he still thinks that?"

Mensch71 said...

I've been acquainted with Tony for nearly a decade and aside from our inherent political differences, he has always been polite and friendly to me. That said, it's nearly impossible to know exactly what happened. Unless and until I know more, I remain troubled but withholding in judgement.

Anonymous said...

I have also seen Mr. Baltimore out, I have also seen him really, really drunk on a few occasions. One has to wonder if Roger's cares that his main representative in Lansing is stumbling drunk on a nightly basis.

If Rogers doesn't fire him asap, it shows he is even the slightest bit sympathetic to domestic violence. Is domestic violence a md-Michigan value?

Anonymous said...

Let us all remember. Tony B is a black man...so you rush to fire him over a domestic dispute which could have been an argument outside a night club or bar is a stretch. Some may not like Tony B for various reasons, one being that he's a black republican, but he is generally a good guy. So if anyone still thinks he's a creep, he frequents the Nuthouse, EVERY NIGHT!!!!!! I'll see you all during happy hour :)

Anonymous said...

It has nothing to do with him beaing black..it has to do with him beating up a woman. If that is ok with you, fine. You're in good company with Scott Peterson and OJ Simpson.

By the way, thank you for pointing out his obvious problem with alcohol.

Perhaps someone needs to FOIA the arrest report...

Anonymous said...

Wow...it looks like Tony may have been right...seeing as he is an expert on cowardly violence and all...

Rep. Rogers' Lansing office vandalized

March 20, 2007



The Lansing office of U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers, a Republican from Brighton, was damaged by vandals Monday night, the latest in a string of attacks apparently in protest of his support for U.S. troops in Iraq.

A Rogers spokesman said two security cameras were damaged, door locks glued shut and paint sprayed and spattered on the building and sidewalk at the one-story office on Michigan Avenue near the state Capitol.

Rogers’ "Support Our Troops" sign, attached to the front of the building, was splattered with blood-red paint. And a hand-painted sign was also plastered to an entryway window, reading: “Rogers There is Blood on Your Hands.”

Rogers spokesman Tony Baltimore called the vandalism “cowardly violence,” which serves only to disrupt the congressman’s ability to serve his constituents.

Baltimore said there have been several other, less serious, incidents of vandalism at the office in recent years. The incident is under investigation by local police and the FBI, he said. Rogers’ family is also receiving beefed-up security, he said.

Ann Francis, spokeswoman for the Greater Lansing Network Against War and Injustice, said her group prohibits violent activities in its campaign against the war.

She said she hoped the attack on Rogers’ office would not deflect attention from what she called the “real job …of getting the troops home.”

Homer1 said...

Have we learned nothing?? In the wake of the Duke Lacrosse players being WRONGLY accused and crucified by the media and the public, how dare we accuse Tony of anything until all the facts are out. Tony is a good friend of mine. I know for a fact that this is being completely blown out of proportion. Has it come to anyone's attention that maybe he is being WRONGLY accused??? NO...everyone just skips the an immediate guilty verdict. I am proud that Mike Rogers is sticking by him. That's what good fiends/employers do. Shame on those who use this incident as an opportunity to trash his name.

Anonymous said...

well said Homer.

Anonymous said...

He did it.

Anonymous said...

Is he guilty? Did he accost his female companion in a public place while intoxicated??? hmmm I would imagine that's why the police were called and that's why he was arrested. What's this about innocent until proven guilty. And let's not forget there is a victimi here...and it's not Tony!!