Thursday, April 26, 2007

Rogers Votes Against Troops Pullout

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a $124 billion war spending bill that orders President Bush to being withdrawing troops from Iraq by the Fall of this year.

The 218-208 vote came as the top U.S. commander in Iraq told lawmakers the country remained gripped by violence but was showing signs of improvement.

The Senate was expected to clear the measure today, sending it to the president's desk in coming days as the first binding congressional challenge to Bush's handling of the conflict now in its fifth year.

"Our troops are mired in a civil war with no clear enemy and no clear strategy for success," said House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer.

Michigan's own 8th District Representative voted against this bill. Which means he supports President Bush's Indefinite War in Iraq. A war in which our troops are made to stand in the cross-fire of a civil war.

There really is nothing more for U.S. troops to do in Iraq. Saddam Hussein was defeated, tried, and then hanged. There were no Weapons of Mass Destruction (biological or nuclear). And there was no link between Al Qaeda and Saddam's regime. Now the Sunnis and Shia are fighting amongst themselves with the Kurds doing what they can to stay on the sidelines. For U.S. troops, they can neither win nor lose at this point; they can only try to stay alive.

It's clear, too, that the American people understand this (NY Times, reg. req.).

“Last fall, the American people voted for a new direction in Iraq,” said Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democrat of California. “They made it clear that our troops must be given all they need to do their jobs, but that our troops must be brought home responsibly, safely, and soon.”

Evidently, Congressman Mike Rogers still doesn't understand what the American people or the people in Michigan's 8th District want.

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Anonymous said...

Rogers has no problem with leaving our soldiers in harms way...heck he has no problem leaving his own staff in harms way by keeping Tony Baltimore, the woman beater, on staff.