Friday, January 19, 2007

Rogers Stands Up for Big Oil

Yesterday, the House passed a bill that would require Big Oil to pay more in royalties and roll back tax credits – about $14 billion over the next ten years. With bipartisan support, the bill passed 264-163. The funds raised from the repealed taxes and additional royalities would go to fund research for renewable energy sources.

Guess who voted against it? Today’s Boston Globe has the answer:

Rep. Mike Rogers, Michigan Republican, said the bill would require U.S.
consumers to import more oil from U.S. nations like Iran and Venezuela, which
are both OPEC members and foes of U.S. policy.

"If you care about our children, stop sending the money to (Iranian President Mahmoud) Ahmadinejad and (Venezuelan President Hugo) Chavez," Rogers said.

Would someone please explain just how funding renewable energy sources will help oil dictators? While you're at it, explain why Mike Rogers thinks it's OK for oil companies to continue to make record profits at a time when our deficit is in the trillions.

Well, you probably can't. It's kinda inexplicable... until you remember that Rogers has taken $171,450 from oil and gas industries, and that he voted against cracking down on price gouging by oil and gas industries (HR 3402, Vote#500, 9/28/05). Oh, yes, and he voted for the 2005 GOP energy bill that gave the $14 billion in tax breaks and royalties to Big Oil (HR6, Vote #351 7/28/05).

Guess he's just looking out for his friends...

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