Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Rogers politicizes soldier’s funeral

U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers chose the funeral of a Brighton solider killed in action to politicize the Iraq fiasco and to continue pushing his defense of the President’s failed policy in Iraq.

Army Spc. Andrew P. Daul, 21, became the 8th of nine soldiers with Livingston County ties killed in Iraq, and the second in the span of just one week. Rogers spoke at his funeral, and anyone would be honored to have a U.S. Congressman to speak at their son’s funeral. Rogers deserves credit for taking the time to attend the funeral and pay his respects to a true hero, but there is no excuse for politicizing it. This is what Rogers said at the funeral, according to the Livingston County Daily Press & Argus.

Not only did he help his fellow soldiers, but Rogers said Andrew Daul helped Iraqis while serving in that country. Because of soldiers like him, Rogers said, Iraqis would talk about the greatness of the U.S. soldier, and he read a letter from a mayor of an Iraqi town liberated by U.S. soldiers.

"Their sacrifice was not in vain," Rogers read aloud from the mayor's letter. "Let the world be proud of their sacrifice for humanity."


Lee Harris said...

OMG -- What an ASS! What a pandering prick!

Rogers is George Bush's equivalent of the nutjob church folk that stand outside soldier's funerals and scream that we are all going to hell because Americans tolerate homosexuals......

How so fucking insensitive to those that mourn!

Communications guru said...

Thanks for commenting Lee. Although comparing Rogers to the Westboro idiots may be a little over the top, I agree it’s pandering. I love your Candy Land blog, but I am just now checking out your main blog.

Lee Harris said...

yes, it was over the top but anger got the best of me....... he's still a jerk

Sally York said...

I hope that the parents were pre warned of his comments but from their comments I suspect that they too support the war even though they have lost a son. Ibelieve he was out of line regardless and how did he get the letter????