Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hot 'n' Bothered

Today's Press & Argus led with a drama-filled header: "Rogers rips health-care measures"

Oh, my.

We know that Mr. Rogers doesn't trust evidence-based medicine. He's had his fact-free rant against health care reform on Teh YooToob, while at the same time enjoying comprehensive -- not to mention convenient -- health care coverage at taxpayer's expense.

A closer look shows that Mr. Rogers has managed to have his health care tab picked up by taxpayers for most of his adult life, thanks to the U.S. Army, the FBI, the Michigan Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives. His one foray into the private sector came via his family's business, so it's unlikely that he was getting squeezed on his premiums.

Compare Mr. Rogers' situation with that of a Michigan family purchasing the cheapest available Blue Cross/Blue Shield plan. (Seriously. click that link and read the details.)

Today, Mr. Rogers continued his oogy-boogy hand-waving about the dangers of health care reform.
"I said 'Oh, my gosh, they just sentenced to death 36,000 American women,'" he said.
Rogers also said that the legislation wouldn't go into effect until 2013 -- but Congress.org outlines some of the specific changes that will occur within the next year.
Some of the most significant changes would extend existing programs and rules in order to immediately reduce the number of uninsured Americans. Others would end unpopular practices in the private insurance industry.
Adding to the pile of silly, Rogers trotted out his "ideas" for reforming health care that we've all heard before. He also wailed about the terrible impact on businesses, an argument neatly refuted this summer by that radical magazine, BusinessWeek.

With all due respect to the Livingston Press & Argus, it would be great if their reporters fact-checked a few items before publishing Mr. Rogers' rants verbatim.

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