Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Attack of the Attacks!

Poor Mr. Rogers.  

He's been under attack -- unfair attack, no less! -- for his votes in Washington. 

He's been "unfairly attacked" by the League of Conservation Voters, who disagree with his stance on carbon cap-and-trade; the "League's attack takes the low road" according to a supporter.

His press secretary primly noted that "Partisan attack ads can't change facts."

Mr. Rogers has also been "unfairly attacked" over $800,000 earmarked for a local private university.

The good news: he has plenty of mouthpieces friends who will leap to his defense, regardless of the facts.

An editorial in the Press & Argus argued that anyone who saw a contradiction in Mr. Rogers' insertion of $17.6 million worth of earmarks and his subsequent vote against said bill was just being silly, or partisan, or something.

The same editorial allowed the university president to "calmly explain" the need for a $475K geothermal retrofit of the school's racquetball court.*  It's a fairly reasonable explanation; turns out that it isn't just for the racquetball court and the entire project is also depending on $3 million in private donations.  

Funny how Mr. Rogers assumes that projects in other states haven't any reasonable explanations, and thus are worth attacking based on a headline.  

*It would have been interesting for the editor to follow up on the university president's assertion that his institution is competing with "community college and state universities that are awash in public funding."  I'm sure that Mary Sue Coleman (U of M), Lou Anna K. Simon (MSU), Timothy R. Meyer (OCC), Brent Knight (LCC) and their other Michigan higher ed colleagues would beg to differ with that description...  Here's a breakdown of Rogers' earmarks for private and public institutions in the 8th Congressional District.  


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